Photo: Lab Notes and Illustrations of Fibers (120x magnification)

This is why you turn to the internet, right? We exhalt in our voices. Our contributions create the social fiber. A sharing of our individual experience… through photographs and text. Perhaps that’s why I’m here: to communicate my observations of my own experience, and then check back to see who cares.

I had always thought this a boring pursuit. To share one’s observations of the world with others. Why do they care? Others have their own experiences to fill their mind and consume their capacity for concern. It is only recently that I have come to conceive of how infinite human experience and curiosity is. Who am I to judge what other’s find interesting?

Anyways, the lens through which each individual views thier world is what interests me. Not what others see, but how they see it. Since social media is all about sharing, I have chosen to take a very specific approach to sharing how I see my world. To help you understand what you’ve signed up for, my social tao is as follows:

  1. Only original content: any and all photos or writing appearing on this blog will be generated by yours truly.
  2. Photos are (loosely) topical.
  3. No more that one post per day. Exceptions for rare occasions.
  4. Truthfulness over fuzzy feelings.
  5. Focus on science, art, architecture, and engineering.
  6. Limited-to-no nostalgia. I will reflect on the present while anticipating the future.

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